The reading pile

I’ve come up with an epic goal – yes, another one.

The reading pile

First, there are something like 25 books on my chair-side-table in my bedroom that will, will be read by the end of September. I’ll take a picture using Dean this evening and you shall see the epicness of this goal. If done correctly, I will read 6-7 books each week and

manage to finish them all. Why am I doing this? Largely because there are so many things I want to be reading, or have read, and I just haven’t.

Thus far in the epic September madness, I’ve finally finished The Song of Achilles, Toppling and made headway with One Day which Binks recommended a few weeks ago.  What does this mean for blogging? Well today’s lunch time will involve a transfer of the old blogs, and I’m going to see if I can shift my bookshelf over. More on all of that later.

Yes, you will be seeing more of me. Especially as the anxiety of going away for a year catches up with me and I try my best to move under the current of everyone around me.

Exhaustively yours, R.