She’s So Dead to Us

She’s So Dead to Us by Kieran Scott

He’s So / She’s So, Book 1

Ally had it all. The rich and loving father, the beautiful and charismatic social mother, the perfect friends, the perfect school and the perfect life.

Then she lost it all because a mistake her father made. The family was forced to leave their idyllic lifestyle and move far away to escape the hatred in her friends eyes and the coldness of their words.

If it sounds like Mean Girls in a literary form, perhaps it is. There are other things which speak for this book. In large part the kind of characters you know you’ve met somewhere – in high school, at the job after school or during a holiday in a country not your own.

The cruel girls, the boys who see all but do little. The mothers with concerns stemming from makeup and ending on latest fashions. It’s heart breakingly true, isn’t it? I loved the attitude Ally had, she was sad that her friends had forgotten her, were treating her like an infectious disease yet she held out hope that eventually they would see past her financial status and remember the good times they had shared.
Unfortunately, at 16 no one has that kind of mind set. But with a cute (albeit annoying) boy thrown in, some familial drama of the patriarchal order, this book has a lot to recommend itself with.
I vote, we all read it and then have a pyjama party!


NB: part 1 of a trilogy, I only realized this when I got to the end, mighty annoying but good for people who like a little more depth to their stories without the bulky brick sized one book tales.