White Collar

I’ve just finished watching the first eight episodes of this show and so far I love it – the characters are great and the storyline is getting more and more detailed.

Neil Cafferty is gorgeous, charming and clever, where does one find men like this? Matt Bomer the actor is fantastic as Neil the con artist with suave. Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) the FBI agent who nabs him and consequently lands him as a partner is adept, I think we’ll be seeing better things from him as the show moves on.

Neil is looking for the love of his life, Kate (mystery disappearance post unexplained break up while Neil was in prison) and hence practically begs to assist the FBI with white collar crimes – of which he is almost a king in committing. His true mission lies in finding Kate and the mystery man holding her somewhat hostage.

Thus far Peter and Neil work wonderfully together, Peter’s wife Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) adds personal elements into an otherwise crime show. Her presence brings out the best in both men, she is Peter’s better half and oddly enough Neil’s ally. Neil’s friend Mozzie is strange yet funny and intelligent, played by Willie Garson, you could hardly expect less.

The part that has me intrigued is that Peter has turned out to be the man holding kate captive. Is this an attempt to turn Neil? Has Neil been conned? The irony of this would be brilliant. I’ll let you know when I know.