Burial Rites

Hannah Kent caused quite a commotion when she won an award and received a years worth mentorship with Geraldine Brooks – who I have never read but have heard fantastic things about. I came across Ms Kent’s book, Burial Rites through the work book club (with 50% of the book club having resigned at work, we’ll be meeting out in the Sydney wilderness now) and was genuinely excited to get reading, as I fell in love with Iceland some months ago and have been devouring information on the country since.

The book itself is quite good. Slow to pick up pace, once it does, you’re drawn in and pulled along as Agnes awaits her hanging sentence. We see Agnes, her crime and her sentence from the oustide, third person perspective for a few chapters, before the reader and Agnes become comfortable with each other and embark along her journey with her.

Based on the last female hanging in Iceland in the 1800s, Burial Rites is an ensemble of gripping, dark and clever writing.